About The Cover

January – February 2018 About The Cover

By Jean Dykstra, March 1, 2018

The timing of the exhibition at the Open Society Foundations is no accident. The nine artists and activists whose work is included in Here We Are: Visual Resistance and Reclaiming Narratives, through July 20, have been compelled to respond to conflicts involving race, religion, sexuality, and political and economic repression simmering (or boiling over) around the world. In Education is Forbidden, Rahima Gambo took portraits of students (including Hadiza, on our cover) returning to schools in northern Nigeria that were closed because of attacks by Boko Haram. Gambo’s project, and the eight others – from Hong Kong, Ghana, Canada, Argentina, the U.S. – make this show essential viewing.

©Rahima Gambo, Hadiza, 17, senior secondary school student at Shehu Garbai Secondary School, Maiduguri, Nigeria, 2016.