More AIPAD Picks from Elisabeth Biondi

By Jean Dykstra, April 14, 2014

Harry Bowers, Jane #1, 1978/2014. Courtesy Julie Saul Gallery

The colors of Harry Bowers's photo are bright and cheerful and there is an odd flatness to the photograph that reminded my of Japanese prints. Vaguely erotic, certainly a contemporary photograph, I thought. It turns out it was made in 1978, subsequently lost and then re-discovered in 2004. Harry Bowers, a pioneer in scanning, technology, devised a way to photograph the garments that makes them so vibrant and flat. 

Jen Davis, Untitled No. 39, 2010. Courtesy Lee Marks Gallery

Like a vermeer painting, the composition is perfect, the light exquisitely beautiful. Jen Davis's self-portrait — she photographed herself for 11 years — went straight to my heart. I could not take my eyes off her defiant face and wondered what thoughts led to this complex expression.