Elisabeth Biondi's AIPAD Picks

By Jean Dykstra, April 14, 2014

Allen Frame, Mariachis, Mexico City, 2000. Courtesy Gitterman Gallery

I think of AIPAD as the Tiffany of Photography Fairs. It is tilted towards classical photography and vintage prints but each year more contemporary photography can be seen. It is a great stroll through the history of photography from its beginning until today. What follows is my subjective, idiosyncratic, insticntive choices. 

I love the mystery of the photograph-late at night, outside, somewhere in mexico. It makes me dream up a short story filled with nocturnal pleasures.

Masao Yamamoto, #1529 Kawa=flow, 2007. Courtesy Fifty One Fine Art Photography

Masao Yamamoto's photography is a little jewel. It is an image reduced to its essentials, very japanese, very zen. I become calm and peaceful admiring it.  

Michiko Kon, Rabbit and Eyes, 2013. Courtesy Photo Gallery International

This was the most surreal photograph I saw. I looked at it wondering how the artist created this strange alien easter bunny. The answer is that Michiko Kon, a photographer well known in Japan, constructs a sculpture with natural ingredients– flowers, food, etc.– and photographs it the same day and before it perishes.