Library of Congress Acquires Civil War Stereographs


Lincoln’s Funeral, Philadelphia. Courtesy Library of CongressLincoln’s Funeral, Philadelphia. Courtesy Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has acquired a trove of Civil War stereographs from the Robin G. Stanford Collection.  The first 77 images are now online, including 12 stereographs of President Lincoln’s funeral procession through several cities and 65 images by Southern photographers showing South Carolina in 1860-61.

The Library of Congress acquired the collection through a purchase/gift from Robin G. Stanford of Houston.  During the past 40 years, Stanford has collected stereographs of both the Civil War and Texas. 

The 77 images now online include 12 from Lincoln’s funeral procession through Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Springfield, Illinois, among other cities. The images show the president’s casket in elaborate open-air hearses that passed through the main streets of the cities; buildings draped in mourning bunting; and crowds lined up to see the procession.