Bonjour Arles!


Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie, which opens tomorrow, July 7, and continues through September 21, is the long-running summer festival of photography founded by Lucien Clergue, Michel Tournier, and Jean-Maurice Rouquette in 1970. Last year, there were more than 96,000 visitors to the festival, which promotes almost exclusively new work. Among the exhibitions are W.M. Hunt’s Collection Foule (so named because, he has written, “collectors must be fools” for the work they seek), and Daile Kaplan’s collection of pop photographica, images, and objects. In addition, there will be work on view by David Bailey, Vik Muniz, Chema Madoz, and Lucien Clergue, among many photographers.

This year, there will be more than 60 exhibitions, as well as screenings, symposium, lectures, and book-signings. Portfolio reviews and photography workshops will also be scheduled throughout the summer.