Adieu to Le Journal de la Photographie


[Editor and co-founder Jean-Jacques Naudet][Editor and co-founder Jean-Jacques Naudet]

On August 30, readers of Le Journal de la Photographie opened the issue in their inboxes to find this message from Jean-Jacques Naudet, the journal's editor and co-founder: Good-bye! There are limits that should never be crossed: that of showing disrespect to co-workers….It's over, this is our last issue .” 

The online journal was launched in 2010 as La Lettre de la Photographie. It was available as a blog and newsletter and French and English, and according to Le Monde, it had some 240,000 visitors a month. In his farewell announcement, Naudet referred to “unfulfilled promises and commitments … payments due canceled or ignored.” The financial partner of Le Journal, according to Le Monde, remains anonymous.

The final issues included farewell pieces by eight contributers, including Erika Weidmann, Xavier Derache, Michel Puech, Jonas Cuenin, Gilles Decamps, Sylvie Rebbot, and Laurence Cornet.