Photography Master Retreat

The first of its kind, The Photography Master Retreat is a one-week retreat for passionate photographers/artists seeking to refocus their personal/professional work under the guidance of four distinguished mentors, in a haven in The South of France from July 11 to 18, 2015. A retreat is: a refuge, a safe place, a sanctuary, a hideaway, an abode, an hermitage, a haven, a place of rest, shelter, and protection. A retreat is also: a departure, a different approach, an adventure, a leave-taking, the beginning of a journey, a change from the usual or expected path, a definite time spent away from one’s normal life for the purpose of reflecting and reconnecting at a higher level. It is conceived for a select group of 14 attendees. In the spirit of a retreat, the chosen attendees will live and work and reflect with each other and their mentors on the estate of La Bastide d'Esparon in the beautiful mountainous region of Les Cevennes Meridionales in the Langudeoc-Roussillon, near Arles, France. Less a shooting trip than an opportunity to pause and reflect, the retreat emphasizes intensive looking and discussion about the participants’ process and work. Whether you are a professional or thinking of becoming professional, whether you are a passionate and informed artist, whether you are a fine artist or a documentarian, the important element is that you be committed to your existing personal and creative work as well as be committed about taking it to the next level. During this week-long retreat photographers with a body of personal work (fine art, conceptual, or documentary) have the opportunity to examine their practice under the guidance of distinguished mentors with daily one-on-one and group exchanges. Portfolio reviews, supportive critique, discussions, shooting exercises and opportunities for introspection are integral parts of the program. The Photography Master Retreat is the beginning of a new course of action, a path to better and more conscious work. It is

Applications are now open for the Photography Master Retreat, a one-week professional retreat in the south of France for photographers to work with four experienced mentors – Elisabeth Biondi, Lyle Rexer, Katharina Bosse, and Martine Fougeron. The retreat, scheduled July 9-16, 2016, right after the nearby Rencontres d’Arles photo festival, brings 16 photographers together who are passionate about their work –fine art, conceptual or documentary — and committed to bringing it to the next level. Applications are due by December 1.