"Biggest Photography Class in History"


Photo by Jonathan Worth, founder of Phonar NationPhoto by Jonathan Worth, founder of Phonar Nation

The International Center of Photography has joined the Phonar Nation Collaborative to offer what the ICP is calling “the world’s largest photography class” this summer as part of the MacArthur Foundation’s Cities of Leaning initiative.

Phonar Nation is a free online photography class for youth that can be taken on a mobile device. The class, which is estimated to reach 250,000 students, was developed by photographer, National Teaching Fellow, and open-education pioneer Jonathan Worth. Phonar, which stands for Photography and Narrative, was launched 2009.

There will be a physical component to the class called the Phonar Nation Book-in-a-Box, featuring a selection of photography books, as well as lesson plans that will encourage the students to engage with the book and share their impressions in a journal.

The course, which includes five classes, is available at PhonarNation.org.