Roger Mayne, 1929-2014


Roger Mayne, Self-portrait, 1956.Roger Mayne, Self-portrait, 1956.

British photographer Roger Mayne, best known for his commercial work and his photographs of working-class neighborhoods in London in the 1950s and ‘60s, died on June 7. 

A solo show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1986 brought renewed attention to his work, as did his photographs on albums covers and concert backdrops.

He studied chemistry at Balliol College, Oxford, but became interested in the St. Ives School, which embraced abstract avant-garde art. He moved to London in 1954 and became a photographer, and in 1956 he began to photograph in Southam Street, a working-class neighborhood in West London that was set to be demolished for high –rise apartment buildings. His work was regularly reproduced in newspapers and magazines, and one of his images was used for the cover of Colin MacInnes’s novel Absolute Beginners.

Mayne is survived by his wife, Ann Jellicoe, and their children Katkin and Tom.