Nadia Sablin Wins Firecracker Photography Award


Nadia Sablin, from her Two Sisters seriesNadia Sablin, from her Two Sisters series

Russian-born, Brooklyn-based photographer Nadia Sablin was presented with the Firecracker Photographic Grant for her series Two Sisters

The documentary series follows the lives of two elderly, unmarried sisters living in northwest Russia. Alelftina and Ludmila, who happen to be Sablin’s aunts, spent the bulk of their lives living and working in cities, and when they retired they decided to return not only to their childhood home, but to a more traditional way of life. They make their own clothes, bring in water from a well, grow much of the food they need, and chop wood to heat their home.

The house was built by their father, the rugs on the floors were woven by their mother, the curtains were sewn by the sisters themselves. “The project,” commented Sablin on the Firecracker website, “is a meditation on aging, family, and a sense of belonging.”