Eastman House on YouTube


Southworth & Hawes, Portrait of Three Women, 1856, Courtesy George Eastman HouseSouthworth & Hawes, Portrait of Three Women, 1856, Courtesy George Eastman House

The George Eastman House has added six new videos to it series on YouTube examining the history of photography through the perspective of technology.  The 12 chapters in Photographic Processes Series include topics on silhouettes, daguerreotypes, cyanotypes, albumen prints, collodion prints, Kodachrome, gelatin silver, and digital photography, among other key technological developments. 

“It’s impossible for us today to imagine what a revelation the first photographs would have been to people, these mirrors with memory,” says indepdendent curator Alison Nordstrom, in the video on daguerreotypes. The Eastman House has one of the largest daguerreotype collections in the world as well as a significant collection of 19th-century photographs of the American West, and early French photography. 

Each six-minute video draws from the museum’s rich collection and includes interviews with curators, archivists, and historians exploring the reasons certain technologies flowered during certain time periods, and how those technologies influenced the way people saw the world and the way the medium developed. Experts include the Eastman House’s Jessica Johnston, the museum's photography curator, Lisa Hostetler, process historian Mark Osterman, and Nordstrom, among others.