Court Rules in Favor of Arne Svenson


Arne Svenson, from his series The Neighbors, 2012. Arne Svenson, from his series The Neighbors, 2012. 

A New York State Supreme Court has ruled in favor of photographer Arne Svenson, who was sued by a number of people he photographed with a telephoto lens for his series The Neighbors. After the work was shown at the Julie Saul Gallery in 2013, several of the subjects filed a lawsuit, alleging that the photographs violated their constitutional right to privacy. Svenson used a telephoto lens to take pictures of people inside their Manhattan apartments, without their knowledge. Svenson's latest series, The Workers, is on view at Julie Saul through May 30.

The verdict was based on Svenson’s first-amendment rights as an artist. The value of artistic ideas conveyed in an artworks are regarded as a matter of public interest, though the judges also described Svenson’s photographs as “disturbing,” according to artnet news.