Child Identified in 1908 Lewis Hine Photo


Lewis Hine, Library of CongressLewis Hine, Library of Congress

Among the photographs taken by Lewis Hine for the National Child Labor Committee in 1908 is a picture of an anonymous girl looking out of a window at the Lincolnton textile plant in Rhode Island. A recent article in the Charlotte Observer reported that author, historian, and retired social worker Joe Manning began researching the identities of the people in Hine’s photographs of the Lincolnton plant and has identified the girl as Lalar Blanton. After narrowing the possibilities down, Manning published the photographs and possible names on his website. Myra Cook of Louisville, Kentucky, sent him an email saying that she thought it was a photograph of her late grandmother as a child. After comparing the Hine photograph to other childhood photographs of Blanton and sending the pictures to face-recognition expert Maureen Taylor, they determined that it was, indeed, Cook’s late grandmother, Lalar Blanton, as a girl, one of 5,000 photographs Hine made while working for the NCLC.